Build up vertical beds

Owners of small plots sometimes have a hard time at planning. After all, I want to place everything on my beloved weave at once, and there is almost no place for landing. And if apple trees or brazier to reduce unrealistic, then, fortunately, with the ridges it is quite feasible. It is enough to place our landings not in a horizontal plane, as we used to, but vertically. For these purposes, suitable and multi-tiered ridges, and suspended wall structures, and complex pyramids, and boxes on the fence.

Smash the garden in containers

You are actively planning the plot and do not know what will be located where, but do you want to harvest this season already? Then for you - containers wandering around the territory in which you can grow greens and small amounts of vegetables. Tanks can be both industrial production, and personally made. The main thing is not to make them too deep, so that the weight of the soil allows you to move containers around the site.

Make the beds of the original shape (triangular, trapezoid, round.)

Do you want your garden to be unique and noticeable even on Google maps? Then create ridges of unusual shape with a clear outline. You can get by with geometric shapes, and you can create whole pictures. However, remember that you still have to take care of such ridges, so do not make their elements too large so that later, in trying to weed the center, do not trample down the edges.

Lay beautiful paths between the beds

Even the most common ridges can be made neat by laying between them permanent tracks of tile, brick, pebble or wood. In this way, you not only decorate the plot, but also stop slipping in the mud after rain, and drastically reduce the weeding area. Yes, and non-flight pests on such paths will be easier to track and destroy.

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